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2007-01-19, 15:51

Originally Posted by COPACABANANA View Post
I may have to come up with some concrete examples when I return home, but I recall having some difficulty with implementing WPA for my home network consisting of both PC and Mac.

One of difficulty was in different ways PC and Mac handle the passphrases; Mac may need $ in front of the passphrase where PC doesn't. Another thing was that there seemed to be different bits used; I can choose from say, 64 or 128 bit on PC, but only 96 bit on Mac. (this is off the top of my head; I could be wrong about exact number of bits; but I know for sure I didn't have same choice on either computer)

Mainly becaue of different bits, I got too confused and settled on WEP. Wonder if anyone could enlighten me on that?
I don't know about the passphrase, but it might be that you didn't have the WPA2 patch for XP. WPA2 is somewhat recent, and I think Airport defaults to it now even though it might not tell you specifically that it is version 2.

From Microsoft

"Slow vehicle speeds with frequent stops would signal traffic congestion, for instance."

uh... it could also signal that my Mom is at the wheel...