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2008-04-29, 04:18

I did some reading up on FileVault. As it turns out I would need a lot of free space on my HD to run it (equal size as the Home folder), which I do not have.

If I just create a temp account (with admin rights) for them to use would that be ok or would they be able (with these admin rights) to override the password for my account?

A more dramatic solution: I could just delete my Home folder (after backing up to external HD of course) but then I would have everything in just one place which makes me a bit nervous in case the external HD malfunctions.

At the end of the day I just want to make sure that all my info is not sitting there waiting to be harvested. If I can make it inconvenient for the potential thief he might go elsewhere for easier pickings. I am not looking for a 100% tight security.

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