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Mr. Farmiga
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2009-09-28, 22:09

Three things I've done in the past few days, just kinda learning it all. Nothing as cool as 709's apartment above (but that's coming...I spent a good part of yesterday measuring the entire joint ).

First is my friend's yard in KC, or how her fence will look after next week. The funniest part of this is that stock 2D person model I found in the Google 3D warehouse looks just like my friend! Same hair, body type, dressed the same (including the ever-present sunglasses any time she's outsides), always toting around a water bottle, etc. I couldn't believe it.

The second is me just practicing with shapes. Building something and then grouping it immediately seems to be key. I made a four-foot-long 2x4, grouped it, colored it and then duped it for my shop table (along with three sheets of half-inch plywood). That thing on the left is actually a recreation of a little table/rack I built back in the early-90's to hold my Tascam 4-track recorder and a couple of rack effects. It got left in California during a move, but I still remember what it looks like. I designed it to hold everything perfectly (this was pre-Mac/Illustrator for me, so it was cool to sit down and draw something on paper to hold the musical/recording gear I had at the time, drive to Home Depot to buy the stuff, come home and make it in one afternoon. It's just the bare carcass...I didn't include the black metal rack brackets or any hardware.

I've immortalized it in SketchUp.

And then this is a desk idea I was working on for my Mom. She's got a huge corner desk right now, but it actually sticks out into the kitchen doorway a few inches, and is just a beast. But for all its size, it has no storage or place to put stuff (it's two big flat surfaces and metal cylinder shelves or cubbyholes, etc. So I was playing with some ideas. Mostly for practice, but if we hit on something that might work, who knows? All those models you see were available at the 3D warehouse, including - to my total surprise - her exact display...a Westinghouse 19" widescreen display she got at Target, of all places, about this time last year. I couldn't believe it. I found a Mac mini, Time Capsule, orange iPod nano, etc.

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