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2009-09-29, 09:23

Originally Posted by addabox View Post
I still haven't quite gotten the knack of getting things to move in the plane I want, and sometimes when I have discreet objects that touch one another they seem determined to go all Brundlefly on me and merge into sticky elastic monstrosities, but other than that it's amazingly easy to use.
Learn about using components in SketchUp. Components are "smart" groups. You can save them individually and reload them in place of one another. So, for example, you can save one set design option, edit it, then save it as option 2, etc. You can then right-click on your option, select "reload" to bring up option 1 again. Compoents and groups also keep geometry from getting too glued together. You can go overboard with it (like one guy here at work who makes every single box a group, then makes it a component, then puts a bunch of them together as another component, creating overly-nested groups and components!), but it's very, very useful.

The inference snaps are hugely helpful, but you have to learn to 1. get the one you want (usually by dragging over or starting from another edge that goes in the same direction) and 2. holding the shift key to lock into that direction.