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2009-09-29, 09:36

Originally Posted by addabox View Post
One thing that happens when you spend a lot of time in Sketch Up is that you get so used to the two fingered track pad zoom and "o" orbit shortcut that you start expecting everything to work that way. Even having posted that jpeg export I had an overwhelming urge to zoom in a bit and change the POV.
I find it impossible to use a trackpad with SketchUp! The one thing I don't like is the default pan/orbit tool on the mouse though. It's backwards from every other software I use. Orbit is middle mouse button by default, while pan is shift-middle button. Every other software I use, save the oddities of Adobe software, make pan the middle mouse button, whether in 2D or 3D. I fixed this along with the pasting behavior (to paste in place from regular ol' paste), and added a shortcut to hide all other geometry outside of a component (I used the H key). I just wish all other software (I'm looking at you, REVIT) used the same spacebar shortcut to get to a select/pointer tool.