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2011-01-19, 16:30

Originally Posted by SpecMode View Post
The problem is that you have to get one of the mobs to attack first (usually the skeleton, since it's the only one with an attack that can accidentally hit another mob). Meaning, some poor bastard is gonna have to run around in the middle of the crowd getting them to attack each other before the show can really start.
Well, this idea did come up after someone complained about griefers.

Perhaps a new spawn point for griefers instead of banning them?

I wonder if you were to put one of those automated carts/tracks through the middle, if the skeletons would track/attack when you passed by, and if so, could one be designed that you could ride from the stands on one side, right through the middle of the gauntlet to get the fight started, then up and out to safety on the other side?

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