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2011-01-19, 20:47

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
That's just too weird, though: Why would anyone put some TNT near Kitty Hawk? - It doesn't make sense. Could it be a bug in the game that reads a block as the worng type of block?
This one turned out to be on that strip of wood bb'sky left way up in the sky. Detonated.

Originally Posted by RowdyScot View Post
The one near Maciej's *may* have been mine, depending on what side it is. I was detonating in the desert, had a ton of lag while placing a block, and during the lag managed to switch to sand and may have covered something up. If it was me, it would be closer to Parapa, under where I've been working.
Doesn't look like it. This one was near a mine; so, I suspect it was left behind from some of his early blasting operations. Also detonated.

Only one other odd one I found was in Bridgeport not really close to any buildings or caves but buried a step underground between Castle Bryson and the Apple Store. Also detonated, and landscaping restored. That one just doesn't make any sense.

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