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2012-01-31, 22:22

So Mrs T and I have been talking about me getting a setup where I can do a small home studio lighting setup when I want. I'm here to get some feedback on ideas for this. The budget for this is limited because I just don't want to put a whole lot into it. I am thinking about the kind of kit with umbrellas and external flashes like the Speedlite 580EX II to add to my current Speedlite 430EX II. I can them move my 430 to be the slave and control with the 580 using my current camera. Then depending on which camera I get in the future might be able to make both slaves.

So this is the idea I had in mind since this is something that I won't use all that much and portability seems like a great plan.

What are some other good options out there? I haven't been much of a shutterbug lately so I am looking to revive this area because I did so enjoy it.

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