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2014-01-05, 00:47

Drew suggested we might want to limit the amount of armor/weapons/whatever, go kind of "naked". Anyone have any thoughts on that? Maybe limit it to regular iron swords, some candles and food? It's really just a big exploration party, so I'm not sure I have an opinion on the matter.

We'll need to take along flint and steel for lighting portals (obviously), and for the possibility that a creeper knocks out the portals after we go through them.

Also, do we want to go through each portal as a complete team, or divide up into maybe two teams and tackle four portals each? it might go quicker that way.

And I want as many people along as possible, so if Brad's interwebs are lacking, we might consider waiting until they aren't.

P.S. Kscherererer is as old as the family. My friends used to say it sounded like a Ford truck starting in January.

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