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2019-03-12, 14:46

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I'm half excited for Apple's streaming service. It appears they may be headed for some family friendly content, which I think is needed amongst the violence/sex plagued services. It will offer Apple a competitive advantage—not for those who want violence and sex, but for families who do not. And believe me, there is plenty of demand for that, especially in our porn/mass-shooter driven world.

The other half of me knows that Apple is biased toward one political party over another and much of that "family friendly" content will likely have deep political undertones, which I despise regardless of political leaning.
I'll be perfectly fine with Apple's "family friendly" content touting those people's ideas like clean energy, global health, human civility and caring, etc as opposed to those other people's (including the RWNJ mass-shooter crowd) ideas that, frankly, are outdated, despicable and gross.

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As far as hardware is concerned, look for a new iPad Mini ($249) and a new iPad ($299). Neither will be spectacular updates, with Apple concerning themselves more with price than feature set. These will be pushed as distribution vehicles for the new streaming service. There will be an enhanced TV app, or possibly a new Media app that combines Apple Music and Apple [video] into one thing.
That's what I'm talking about. A new iPad mini would be a dream at $249... that's like, gifting price. And if the Music & Vid gets combined into a single subscription at a reasonable price ($9.99 would be ideal) then I would definitely put it in my rotation of off/on-again subscribed services.

Also, I like porn... even if the kinks have gone a little sibling-sideways over the last couple of years. It'll even itself out, eventually.

So it goes.