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2019-07-02, 18:40

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Well, if you feel like a long read, Dilger has released his take.

Edit: fixed link
I am shocked, shocked to see Dilger paint Apple as the misunderstood victim and everyone else as the evil conformist masses who just don’t understand Apple’s genius.

There’s got to be some point where “I only have one conclusion to draw in every single article, ever” becomes tiring?

The irony is that Dilger is a necessary part of the very punditry ecosystem he’s criticizing (much like the Macalope, but unfunny). He’s the yin to the Apple is doomed/has peaked yang.

He actually makes dome good points in this article. But it’s marred by his trademark insufferable “why doesn’t everyone love this company as much as I do” style.