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2015-01-09, 20:38

Monument Tour Company is now open for business!

Take the portal to the North East and then go through the monument trap 709 is building. Turn left off of the road to the path to the monument. Once you walk through the path you will see an entrance to go below the surface:

The best time to go seems to be night, but because there is water flow on the glass blocks you can only see so much:

Then on the opposite side of the above surface entrance you will see a ladder set going down:

Head down there and you will see an opening to swim to the entrance to the monument:

Once inside there you will be able to walk normally. You might want to watch out for the guardians though, they can get you from the water:

From there enjoy the tour. I have placed a chest with sand and ladders. Please take some with you as you tour the monument in case I missed something and you need to get out. Most important:

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