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2004-11-12, 03:58

Actually, I think that funny-looking computer in the background to the right would be a nice find.

I did some research about that thing, Undertaker, and it doesn't seem impressive, even for $100. The Audrey has a 200 MHz generix x86-compatible chip and 16 MB of flash memory, but a touch-screen? That's quite a strange little device and certainly won't be able to do very much.

Just how much are you wanting to spend here, rasmits? Just about any Mac you buy is going to cut into your wallet more than a generic PC. Apple computers hold their value like you wouldn't imagine. Used iMac G4s go for as much as $1300. There are several up on eBay right now, one for only $430 with 14 hours remaining.

Also, will this be your first Mac? The tone of your post makes it sound like it. If that's the case, I might suggest that it would be quite an extravagant purchase for such a menial task. Macs are really meant for more than just browsing the web. Granted, some of the best web browsers are on Mac OS X, but they hardly complete the whole "Mac experience."

If you are seriously interested in getting a Mac for your kitchen, I'd suggest looking around for a used 15" iMac G4. It has a small footprint, but you can't add a TV card. There are USB adapters for TV input, though.

Our General Discussion forum is suited for purchasing advice. I'm moving this thread here now.

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