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Mr. Farmiga
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2007-11-06, 14:10

Originally Posted by SKMDC View Post

Pray he doesn't park in your driveway.
It's the dude!

I have to say, I had you pictured in such a different way, SKMDC. I thought, for some reason, you had short black hair and glasses. In my mind, I had you imagined as looking like one of the guys in Weezer. Or, for some reason, the actor Paul Rudd (with glasses).

It's interesting how you mentally build a look or impression of someone (I do this with radio DJs all the time), and when you finally see them, you realize how far off (or, in some cases, how close you were) from the real thing.

Cool hair! I used to have mine nearly that long back in my early 20's. Sometimes I think "I'll do it again, just for a nice change after 15 years of short", but I get impatient with that in-between "not really short/not really long/doesn't do anything but lay there" stage, and go whack it back down. Someday I might tough it out until it hits the "officially long" point!

I'll grow my hair - and full goatee/'stache - back out and go join a Wild West revue!

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