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Originally Posted by chucker View Post
I think this is mostly good news. Their access points have been highly-priced niche products for about a decade now. You can get good-enough alternatives for a fraction of the price, and yes, I do recognize that they won't be as polished, their UI won't be as good, yadda yadda. Even then, brands like Ubiquiti and Eero seem to offer products for that segment.
Apple's entire product line is one of overpriced computer hardware with a quality UI slapped on it, designed to work together.

You can literally get a 'good enough alternative' to every single Apple product for a fraction of the price.

Cool, so should Apple start producing displays again? How many models?
Yeah, they probably should. Something with a high quality panel in it, and some ports to make up for all the useful crap they've neutered out of their laptop line.

Printers? Scanners? If not, why not? At what point do you draw the line of "products that play nicely together"?
For printers/scanners, probably something in the 3D world. Laser/inkjet printers have gotten about as far as they're going to, and it's very easy to take a PDF from any computer/printer combination and have that document print out elsewhere.

In the 3D space it's an entirely different story. It's hard to find software/hardware that works well together and will produce consistent results between setups. That would be the perfect space for them to branch out into.

Oh bullshit. Does Microsoft make desktops now? No, not pricey niche-market digital easels. Desktops. Mac mini-like, iMac-like, just a regular minitower, anything. Bueller? Oh, right, no, they don't. In fact, they don't make any mass-market computers at all, so why is it relevant what they have to say on the matter?
The main difference being, MS doesn't have to make quality machines, because they allow other hardware manufacturers to run their OS.

Since Apple isn't likely to be going back down that road any time soon, Apple has to give a shit about the quality of their hardware. In two+ years the Mac Pro has seen crap for updates, but no price drops either. Since 2013, the price and CPU's have been the exact same in the MacPro line. That's just insulting to consumers. They were what, $600+ per CPU originally, now you can get them for less than $350. That's $500 Apple could have shaved off the price and hasn't bothered to.

Their visions of Continuity (how data and your workflow gets transparently shared between devices you use), of how macOS and iOS starkly differ in their UI paradigms, of how we can eventually extend some of this to other platforms like a TV, of how privacy / your data sovereignty should be handled? Those are fairly strong. Name a company that offers something comparable.
Their vision has been crap the last five years. Their software has gotten constantly neutered and dumbed down almost across the entire gamut they offer. (I can't think of a single Apple software program that's improved in the last three years, can you?)

Their computer hardware has languished, ignored but not even discounted.

Apple is also losing headway in the mobile world as well.

Where are they succeeding right now? Where are they leading? Where are they generating excitement in the computer world today?

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