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2011-04-25, 20:18

Originally Posted by Brad View Post

If we instate some kind of currency, turtle (and mrs. turtle) and I really should be forbidden from contributing items through dark magic except in dire emergencies. That goes for gifts that weren't 100% earned, too. No more giving out free diamond picks and swords at the turtle shell armory. No giving out of whole cakes or cooked meats that weren't 100% crafted naturally. No giving out of lapis or flowers or whatever is needed for a buddy's project. Otherwise, the whole "economy" will be a sham.

Basically, the turtles and I should be removed from the economy entirely.
What? I don't think this thing means you should put a cap on your God powers, just dole them out as "needed" instead of "wanted" that's all. The "economy" is a sham right now. Otherwise this thread wouldn't be here.

I think I made myself clear above on the armory and gifts. I don't think just because you've mentioned them that you've refuted why we couldn't do better with currency.

So it goes.