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2014-02-18, 20:39

Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
Heh. I remember Myst. That was one very immersive, fun weekend.

chucker, from the link Moogs provided:

"- All the original Myst Ages plus bonus Rime Age"

Is that not the trilogy, etc?
Ages refer to locations within the gam But it's all part of one game.* It's a 3D version of the original, in a new engine and actually running on modern OSes in a non-shitty manner. Cyan can't release the trilogy because they don't own the rights to 3 and 4, but they do have a complete pack of all the games they have license to. That hasn't yet been updated with rm:ME though.

*Trust chucker and I to know what the game contains, it's not like between us we run a major fan site and the annual convention, or anything like that.

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