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2016-11-25, 14:09

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There are a few roofed forests around the perimeter, but unfortunately the nearest mansion I was able to find generated 20,000+ blocks from spawn. That's... probably going to require a portal to reach.
Yeah... luckily my years of Battleship payed off wrt the Woodland Map thing. The Mansion is way out there, but there's a portal out there now in a nearby village. The doorway to the Mansion is busted up due to a ravine, so bring some dirt or ender pearls to get inside. I spent very little time in there. Found a boss, got my totem, then noped the fuck out of that place. It's still unexplored, so go for it y'all.

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
I was actually wondering if the end should be wiped too (I didn't). It's pretty huge (544 MB), and if it's anything like the main overworld, new structures won't generate in existing chunks. Given how much we'd already wandered out there, a trim might be necessary. I can keep just the piece with the enderman farm. Thoughts?
Yes! I was going to ask earlier if it was possible to just keep the farm and the center island. fwiw, I went to the north into previously unexplored chunks. Nothing (that I could find, anyways).

Also! Clay colors are great. I like that the raw hardened clay has the old, rougher texture still too.

So it goes.

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