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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2021-11-15, 19:30

Yeah, it should shake out to about $38.50 if I did the math right (and there's zero guarantee on that, believe me).

I notice that the three apps, both at Serif's website and the Apple App Store have gone up $5 to $54.99. Still a good price for what you get. But, yeah...the 30% off is definitely not the "50% off $50" I was lucky enough to get Designer and Photo for ($25 each!).

I may jump on this. If it were still a $25 buy, a no-brainer. I don't do much layout/document work like I once did, and my cheapness may kick in and balk at the whole $38.50 thing. But it would be nice to have all three, sure enough. I'm thinking as familiar as I've become with the other two, I should slide right into Publisher without much hassle or learning curve.

But for those who have none of these and would like to step off the Adobe merry-go-round, for what these do you can't beat $38.50 with a stick! And those of you on a modern Mac from the past several years, and especially the M1 stuff, you should be very happy with the performance and Snapification™.

PS - Added to my calendar too because I'd forget it, sure as the world, if I didn't.