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Hates the Infotainment
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2004-11-27, 19:15

Someone has probably mentioned this before but our forum home pages need to count the poster's viewings (initially) as one view, no matter how many times he/she goes in to add links, correct typos, etc.

I know there's a preview button, but I've been to other forums where , if you view a given thread a bunch of times within a short time-span, it only counts each time-span series as one viewing. This is particularly useful during the time between the posting of the thread itself, and the first response (could be 24 seconds, or 24 hours).

If the author goes back to correct things, that shouldn't be counted over and over IMO.

THe negative part of having every single view counted and posted is that people will look at a thread sometimes and mistakenly think lots of people have read and ignored it, when many of the viewss might be from the poster....

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