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2004-10-18, 16:21

Pre-release previews of songs would be a good way to build momentum for an album before it's actual release, and it might make some people load up their shopping carts with music that is yet to be released
Not a bad idea. Some labels wouldn't mind doing this while others would balk at it. It's a companies judgement call.

•More album art (inside cover-art with lyrics -- obviously limited to more popular music)
Lyrics would be cool but that would be dependent on the labels adding that information. Chances are added lyrics would be rare.

•The option to download higher bit rates of music
I don't even think it should be an option. I'd like to see VBR recording.

•The eventual lowering of prices for 128 AAC to 79¢ per track

•Higher bit rate AAC for 99¢ and above
NO! You do not build a business by whoring your product. $.99 is fine and even those on a Walmart budget can afford that. There's no reason to tier the songs in any way that just adds logistical problems where you don't need them. In seattle a gallon of gas is roughly $2.15 and I see people driving Hummers, Expeditions, Escalades etc which avg about 13 miles a gallon. People have the money to was on inefficient trucks so they damn sure have freakin $.99 for a damn song. If they don't think it's a good value then they don't have to buy the song.

Search by label is a great idea.

Multiple Libraries and Nested Playlists are another must have

A more efficient iMix. limit the iMixes to like 25 songs. I hate scrolling through 99 track iMixes. For chrissakes ...give me the cream.

Gapless playback

iTunes Linux

Longer Previews- for some songs 30 secs doesn't cut it

Partner with BMG and Columbia House to offer credits for purchasing the physical CD. Say I buy 4 Maroon 5 tracks from iTunes and decide I want the CD. Give me a %50 credit towards buying it from CH or BMG.