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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-10-21, 22:17

One is coming, it looks like. Two big articles, two days in a row, at

Here is the latest...white bezels, keyboard, M2, USB-C-only, MagSafe, iMac-like colors, etc.

I dig it.

Especially the white bezels/keyboard, which I mocked up/hinted at a month or so ago in that mockup/infographic about what I'd like to see Apple's future product grid look like.

From the article above:

Upcoming ‌MacBook Air‌ models will have a design that's "quite similar" to the new MacBook Pros, but with a thinner body, off-white bezels, and no wedge shape. It will come in color options that are similar to the 24-inch iMac, which we've heard rumored before. According to the leaker, the keyboard will be the same off-white shade as the bezels, and it will feature full-size function keys and a 1080p webcam.

The machine will have no SD card slot or HDMI port, which, along with the design, will distinguish it from the MacBook Pro models. The ‌MacBook Air‌ will use a next-generation M2 chip, a followup to the M1. It is not expected to be as powerful as the ‌M1‌ Pro and ‌M1‌ Max as it will be aimed at lower-power devices.
This can be the M2/2022 MacBook thread (whether Air remains in the name will be seen). I kinda hope it doesn't.

Yesterday's article talked about how it would no longer have a wedge/tapered design (and it's mentioned in today's as well, quoted above).

Just call it "MacBook" and be done with it already.