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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-10-22, 09:46

Being a Mac, I think they’d tie it to the colors of the iMac. Maybe not all of them. But it makes more sense that the same overall product family would share colors.

I like the idea of white bezels and keyboard, and visually, the pro stuff and the “for everyone else” Macs being very separate and distinctive.

The jellybeans and iBooks and white MacBooks all had the white bezels/surroundings.

I think it’ll be a neat return.

If they position this more as t he mid-range, in that ~$1,299 space, sure a fan goes back. And then yes, leave an M1-based wedge model around for a bit longer in the “cheap as possible” point ($899 or whatever). They just need something decent and sensible (and without “Pro” in its name) in that $999-1,999 range…and I think we’ll get it in early 2022.

When you think aboit what those original, slow-as-Christmas G3 iBooks cost upon introduction ($1,599, I think) bs. What we can get now for $999…we have nothing to complain about. And it’s probably about to get even better in the next 3-6 months.