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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-11-24, 17:11


Two things:

1) I was in and out in under five minutes. The joint was a zoo (I parked in the next county, basically), but as I was approaching the checkout area, there was, inexplicably, one lane completely empty, even though the others were 3-8 shoppers deep. Maybe she'd just turned on the light and opened her lane? In any case, I was the first/only one there and I was back in the parking lot, hiking to my car, in no time. In theory, I should still be there, standing behind about nine other people, which was totally what I was braced for/expecting!

2) Speaking of parking lots, some parents need to keep their smaller/tot (under 5?) kids in their control better in these more-crowded-than-usual scenarios. Little 4-5 year olds just darting around, running through the parking lot. Yeah that'll end well. Do I need to point out that in the two near-misses I saw, the parents of both parties were about 10 paces behind the kids, nose deep in their iPhones? It took everything I had to not park and go over and say "listen, is the time you keep them close to you and give the phone a rest for a few minutes...or did you truly not see what just about happened to your kid?! Because I did."

I just rolled my eyes and came home.

Glad to be here again; it was every bit the madhouse I assumed it would be! But I got my good cheap Dr. Peppers and a few other things and I'm all set. I shouldn't have to step foot in anything resembling a grocery store until about next Thursday or Friday. Yay!