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2016-05-08, 23:47

Another log for this crazy bonfire we're building, this time from Forbes:

iPhone 7 Leak Reveals Significant Feature Removed

This one is based on speculative intel that Apple has removed rumored updates from the phone.

Now, having personally been labeled a troll by Craig Federighi, I feel embarrassed to be reacting to the rumored scuttling of a rumored upgrade, but the commenter's points that the hardware features are becoming balkanized across the product line are correct and seem to point to the lack of a "grand plan" as we so often fantasized existed in one of Steve's underground S.H.I.E.L.D. style bunkers.

I am due to upgrade this time around, as my 5s is long in the tooth and battle-damaged, and I have to confess that I am excited to hear the rumor that the rumored digital audio connector won't make it in this time around – that means that I won't be facing a revamp of my current system, unless Craig and Eddie embark on some madcap scheme to personally screw me over just because I grumbled that the digital fireball didn't hold their feet to the fire on Apple's confounding software shenanigans.

It's late and I'm writing a Pscates-length novella, something that I try to avoid these days, so allow me to close with: what have you done for us lately, Tim Cook?


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