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2004-12-19, 20:45

Originally Posted by johnq
Aside: Maybe we need a mental agility column. Lot of complicated things for certain players.
Agreed - hockey, soccer, and basketball would be higher than say football or baseball on average, since there are few set plays, *everyone* has to be on their toes and ready to shift radically at a moment's notice, and you have to keep tabs on where everyone else is at all times.

How about boxing?

A-4, C-4, S-5, M-2, S-5, R-5, PA-5, OF-5, O-5, MA-1

Total (pre-MA): 40, (post-MA): 41

Not sure about the S-5, thinking maybe an S-4... but I've done some small amount of sparring, and dear god your arms feel like lead after just a few minutes.

I'm not particularly a boxing fan, but I'll give props where due.

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