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2004-12-20, 01:12

Originally Posted by \/\/ickes

but just wondering... how did you make more then three conditions under conditional formating for the colour change within cells for the stats? My version can only seem to add upto three... and even after I opened up your new one, I can only see three -- yet clearly you have 5 working.
4 actually. I selected all the number cells and made them the lightest color (even if they have no value). Then I applied auto-format to those same cells, for values equalling 5, 4 and 3. 1 and 2 values are not noticed by the auto-formatting and merely show the default coloring. Lame but it mostly works.

Originally Posted by \/\/ickes
Also, what are you adjusting to sort the lists? Why not make it so when you click the label cell at the top it does the sorting?
Good idea, I had just selected the whole thing, sorted by skill column (decending) and screengrabbed into ImageReady. Hadn't thought to sort by clicking the labels.

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