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2005-05-28, 12:48

Updating/redoing Application Prebinding:

These procedures are generally unnecessary under 10.2 and higher. Applications automatically check their prebinding upon launch and update themselves automatically. Also, some installers will force an update of application prebindings during the "optimizing" phase at the end. This is actually redundant since applications, as mentioned, update it automatically. Hence, you should never have to intervene. You can find more details in Prebinding Explained, by Bill Bumgarner.

However, should a case arise where the update mechanism fails and applications refuse to launch, you can try these commands in the Terminal to manually run a system-wide update of the prebindings.

To "update" the prebindings, checking and changing only the ones that appear to be out of date, run the following command:

sudo update_prebinding -root /

To force the rebuild of all of the prebindings even if they appear to be up to date, run the following command:

sudo update_prebinding -root / -force

You will be asked for your administrator's password to execute either of these. You should wait until they are complete before launching any new applications. To be sure it has affected currently-running processes as well, you should also reboot your computer immediately after running either of these commands.

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