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2005-05-31, 13:47

This is just too surreal. Not long ago, an e-friend of mine 'committed suicide'. About 4 months later it was unearthed that it was actually a prank by his brother, no one had heard from the supposedly dead guy because he had just gotten married, moved, was working 2 jobs and didn't have internet. When we finally learned that it was a prank, no one believed that his brother did it, they thought he did it. So he was ousted from the forums(not officially banned or anything, but everyone hated him)

Because of that episode, and because locash has a propensity for outlandish pranks, it just isn't computing in my head. I talked with him on AIM a bunch, I really liked the guy, this just doesn't make any sense, I can't believe it's true. Although I have spent a good deal of words in this post, the truth is, I don't actually have any that would be sufficient to describe exactly how I feel about this. Surreal is about as close to an acceptable word I can think of.