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2005-05-31, 17:50

so this is a bit strange writing this here. i'm an ex-girlfriend of jack's, and i just found out today from a mutual friend. i haven't talked to jack in ages, and i'm just sort of in shock now. though i hadn't originally planned to, after reading fellowship's post, i thought i should say something as well. it seems only appropriate. i met jack at macworld in san francisco, and these forums (well, AI really) are always part of my memories of our years together.

sitting here thinking, i see bits of jack still in my life-- the bike he helped me pick out, the photograph he took of me for a school project, and the small penguin figure he gave me one thanksgiving. we may not have parted ways amicably, but i still fondly look back on all the good times we had together-- at macworld, in our tiny boston apartments, with our wonderful cats. sigh, i don't know what else to say, i hope that these wonderful sentiments from all of you are reaching jack somewhere. i know he touched so many lives, including mine.