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2005-05-31, 20:55

I've known Jack for about 7 years and met him twice in person. He's a good guy and I'll miss him. I haven't been on these forums before, but I did help Jack make design choices for it.

I've been talking with some other people and would be happy to organize flowers or something else. I really would like to see if his "Internet friends" could organize something for him in the way of flowers or donations towards his family (flowers unless you prefer otherwise). I would also like it if what we did was the most prominant since only a few I know are able to travel to Atlanta on such short notice. Jack really had a lot of friends online as referenced here and I think those at the service should know he's loved. I'd like to have our individual names of contributors on the note to show the magnitude of those people.

Feel free to IM JSchalliol on AIM or email:ripjack[at]schalliol[dot]com. I don't have to be the organizer, but I would be happy to do so.

Jack, rest in peace. I know you sold your HDTV, and I'm sure you're using a 200 incher right now!

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