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2005-05-31, 22:52

I just found out.

If anyone decides to come down to Atlanta let me know, I work a couple of miles north of Spring Hill and might be able to get away from work to attend the memorial. Not sure if I could do it by myself.

Jack and I shared the same city but we never knowingly crossed paths, although we had several opportunities at one of our AppleNovaCons. Last year Jack wanted me to scan and post the Hooter's manual that I obtained at last year's DragonCon and I almost emailed him about it two weeks ago when I found it under a stack of papers. Like Paul, I didn't play as hard as Jack, but I *always* appreciated his posts, his help and his humor.

I'm going to be very angry about this if this was intentional.
24 is too young. Man are we going to miss that kid.

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