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2005-05-31, 23:24

Thought you guys might appreciate these chat logs from last week.

jack (3:35:59 AM): then yesterday a fucking Morotola V3 RAZR is on my porcg
jack (3:36:08 AM): porch
jack (3:36:15 AM): This phone was SUCH a good idea
jack (3:36:22 AM): I went to the pub in scrubs tonight
jack (3:36:24 AM): I whip it out
jack (3:36:27 AM): women FLOCKED to me
jack (3:36:36 AM): "ohhhh I love that phone. Are you a doctor?"
jack (3:36:44 AM): I said yes
jack (3:36:47 AM): second year resident
jack (3:36:49 AM):
jack (3:36:56 AM): Also showed them my car
jack (3:37:00 AM): got a few numbers
jack (3:37:01 AM): it rocked
Alcimedesthe1st (3:37:25 AM): lol
Alcimedesthe1st (3:37:27 AM): smooth
jack (3:37:30 AM): hell yeah
jack (3:37:38 AM): I'm lying to this women through my teeth while two friends are by me
jack (3:37:41 AM): They didn't say shit
jack (3:37:43 AM): it was great
jack (3:37:58 AM): I was gonna go home with one, but I gotta do this report tonight
jack (3:38:01 AM): and i got her number anyway
jack (3:38:42 AM): can't believe it's been a year
jack (3:38:49 AM): We rule

jack (9:31:14 AM): We should buy an Apple Nova Fish Scale at the GA Aquarium
jack (9:31:28 AM):
AIM (9:33:05 AM): jack has changed status to Available: Luniz - I Got Five On It (Aphrodite's Origin
jack (9:33:26 AM): if I had $55 I'd do it
jack (9:34:05 AM): You know, one of the things I wanted to leverage in the community we have at AN was to give back to the community as a community.
Alcimedesthe1st (9:34:15 AM): uh huh
jack (9:34:18 AM): I'm still not sure as to how to go about doing that.
Alcimedesthe1st (9:34:18 AM): that's not likely
Alcimedesthe1st (9:34:25 AM): as we're broke
jack (9:34:39 AM): Doesn't have to be with money.
jack (9:34:49 AM): the folding@home shit for instance
jack (9:34:55 AM): and besides, not all of our members are broke
Alcimedesthe1st (9:35:11 AM): true
jack (9:35:54 AM): If we stood up and took a stance on something, and told our members, and this is just a fictitious example, "We want to support breast cancer research. We have a goal was want to reach of five hundred dollars. Let's donate in the name oif this community and do some good"
jack (9:35:59 AM): I bet we could reach that goal
jack (9:36:22 AM): *shrugs* I like the concept of giving back
Jack was very excited about AN and where the site might be going, as well as enjoying life to the fullest.

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