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2004-08-08, 22:40

Reinstalling printer drivers without reinstalling the entire system: by CubeDude

First, check the cables(thank you, FFL).

If your printer is no longer working well, it could be a bad driver. This can be easily fixed with the OSX install CD.

If you have an older Epson printer, insert the third disk. The Epson drivers had to be split into two seperate packages, and the first half is on the second disk, while the rest on on the third.

If you have any other printer, insert the second disk.

On the CD, open a folder called "Packages". Look for a .pkg file with your printer manufacturer's name in it, such as "EpsonPrinterDrivers.pkg". Open this file, and follow the instructions that appear on screen.

If you aren't sure which disk your Epson printer might fall under, simply install both of them.

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