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2004-05-19, 19:18

Resetting Your Password: by CubeDude

If you need to reset your password for whatever reason, you need the Mac OS X install CD(only the first one) or the Software Restore CD(or DVD) that came with your Mac.

1. Boot off of the Install* CD. To do this, insert the CD, and shut down. Then hold down the C key and power up. Or, if you are using the retail install CD, you can insert the CD, while the computer is running, and double-click on the "Install Mac OS X" icon.

2. Click on the Installer menu. Open the installer menu. It's next to the Apple logo in the top-left corner. It's also known as the Application menu.

3. Click on Reset Password. Follow the instructions in the resulting window.

4. Reboot to your hard drive.

You do NOT need to reinstall.

*These same directions apply to the Software Restore CD.