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2005-08-11, 14:50

Copying your music off of your iPod and putting it back into iTunes.

Oh noes! You lost all of your music somehow, but it's all still on your iPod, but you don't know what to do!

Well, all of your iPod's internal workings are inside a hidden folder called "iPod_Control". Inside that folder is a bunch folders. One of them is called "Music", and inside there is your music, contained in a bunch of cryptic-looking folders with an F and two numbers.

Now, you could get a tool like TinkerTool, enable hidden folders, and drag the "Music" folder to your desktop to get it back. Or, you could just paste a line of text into the Terminal, and all would be well.

So, fire up a terminal, paste this text into the terminal, replacing "iPod Name Inside Quotes" with your iPod name, inside quotes.

mkdir ~/Desktop/Music; cp -R /Volumes/"iPod Name Inside Quotes"/iPod_Control/Music ~/Desktop/Music
So, if your iPod's name was Susan B. Anthony, you'd have /Volumes/"Susan B. Anthony"/iPod_Control/Music.

Now, to get the music back into iTunes, just open iTunes and drop the folder onto your library. Ding!

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