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2004-05-20, 21:13

Hello everyone,

As some of you might know, I have been working on a personal website for some time now. It looks good so far... a little lack of content but I'm filling it slowly.

Anyhow... I have a question...

The menu layout is the same in every page. . . There currently is eight pages in the site and another four in the works. . .
If I adjust the menu, I have to copy and paste the Changes to each html file of my site... this is annoying because I am always adjusting the menu.

Is there anyway for the HTML to call another HTML file for part of the page without using frames?

The menu is left justified via tables and consists of an image map and image.

So is there anyway of doing this so if I would like to make a change I only have to do it once and it effects the whole site?

EDIT: Oh yah, I am doing this all by hand... no fancy/easy-to-use program, just little old me editing text files. Once again, don't even note frames, I hate them. (so ugly)

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