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2004-05-16, 01:49

This thread serves the purpose of providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions to our membership.

If your Mac acts strangely or you are generally experiencing problems with it, please check this FAQ page for possible solutions. It'll save us all some time and trouble if you read this page first *before* posting your questions to new Genius Bar threads.

Here is a list of current subjects covered here:
  • Where's my drive space?!?
  • Repairing permissions
  • Repairing your Hard Drive
  • Clearing the Caches
  • Resetting or "Zapping" the PRAM
  • Turning on the Safari Debug Menu
  • Run cron scripts via Terminal for maintenance
  • Open Firmware & Resetting NVRAM
  • Resetting Your Password
  • Booting from a CD/DVD
  • Moving your Home folder
  • Optimizing Cached Safari Files
  • Move your swap files to another partition
  • Reinstalling printer drivers without reinstalling the entire system
  • Rebuilding the Launch Services
  • Joining an encrypted AirPort wireless network from a Windows PC
  • Safe Boot
  • Uninstalling Applications
  • How to play .avi, DIVX, and other movie files
  • Keyboard Shortcuts Description
  • Wiping your computer for resale
  • Updating/redoing Application Prebinding
  • Copying your music off of your iPod and putting it back into iTunes
  • Killing an Unresponsive Application
  • How do I test my network connection?
  • External Hard Drives

Terms of use:
  • This thread is only for FAQs.
    ...such as 'How can I reset the PRAM?'
  • Only post here if you have something to add.
    Add topics we haven't covered yet, nothing else.
  • If you post, format your submitted text.
    Use the style of the posts before yours.
  • Post only one explanation at a time.
    This keeps the FAQ tidy and easy to search and read.

"Basic Troubleshooting" should consist of following the steps below first. Please make sure you've tried all these before starting a thread seeking help for general stability, startup, or performance issues. Details for each procedure listed can be found below.
  1. Repairing permissions
  2. Repairing your Hard Drive
  3. Clearing the Caches
  4. Resetting or "Zapping" the PRAM
  5. Open Firmware & Resetting NVRAM
  6. Rebuilding the Launch Services
  7. Updating/redoing Application Prebinding
  8. Safe Boot

Please do not post in this thread unless you are explaining a new troubleshooting technique.