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2006-05-04, 22:17

I have a 1080p Samsung rear-projection DLP set. The first thing I noticed was how much brighter the the new 1080p DLP sets were than the previous gen. Alone, the difference in brightness was enough to convince me to buy. I don't have any experience with Direct TV, but Dish Network HD was pretty good. It depends heavily on the programming, but while artifacting is present, it still is much better than standard def broadcast TV.

Oh, and I love my KEFs. Accurate bass response, and GREAT imaging over a much larger area of the room than i was accustomed to with previous brands. The imaging issue was very noticeable and will be for most living room setups where the majority of the audience is not in the "sweet spot" of the room.

I know that the brightness has nothing to do with the DLP chip being used, but I wanted to point out that when shopping for a bigscreen TV, there is more to look at than resolution. My reason for buying the set I got was clarity of picture, lack of screen jitter, and an extremely bright picture.