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2006-05-05, 21:37

Originally Posted by digitalAngel
i read an HDTV article on CNET which states:

mpeg-4.. very interesting! will that compression make it look better?

i see on direcTV's site they already have a box that is mpeg-4 compatable.
It all depends on the compression rate that DirecTV uses. They could over-compress their MPEG4 feeds as much as they do their current MPEG2 feeds, we don't know yet. I'm not sure if any of their new satellites on online yet. Perhaps the new launches will allow them to lower the amount of compression they use.

WRT 1080p: I'd really like to get a 1080p projector, but I just can't justify the prices. I think a 720p projector will suffice for now. I'm still trying to see the Optoma H79 in action. I hope it has the lumens to drive a screen as large as what I'm considering. I've heard the model is plagued by bulb problems...

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