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2006-05-07, 21:16

If you're looking for an HTiB system, Onkyo makes one that seems to be considered the best in its price range. I can't quite remember the model number, though.

Forget that. In the $500 price range, you could get a nice receiver and set of bookshelf speakers. Check out for reviews. I'd look at Harmon/Kardon, Pioneer and Onkyo receivers, and maybe Yamaha. The HK235 from Harmon/Kardon should be at the top of your list, IMHO. For speakers, Polk and Athena make good systems in your budget. Think about going with a 2.1 system right now rather than 5.1, but with a 5.1 (or 6.1/7.1) receiver. You'll be able to get some nice front speakers, and later on those can be moved to the back and you can add in a center and two new fronts. When you're working on a budget, always remember to look down the road at what can be easily upgraded.

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