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2006-12-07, 13:18

This thread is meant to compliment The Black and White Photo Thread though not just to be a color version of your B&W posts there. This is a place where you can share some of your best shots and get feedback. This isn't meant to be a debate on best styles of shooting images or best camera to use. Let's keep this thread image-centric.

All shots you post direct images of (using [img] tags for or attaching for you admin/mod types) must be your own shots. If you wish to share a photo that you don't hold the copyright to, please only post a link to that image rather than imbedding the image here in this thread.

Any images posted here are fair game for comments and concerns. Please limit comments and concerns of images to constructive opinions. "It sucks" isn't appropriate, instead say what you dislike about the image and why. Of course, everyone loves getting complimented, but please be descriptive in your comments. "It's cool" doesn't give enough detail of why you like it.

So now on to the photos:


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