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2006-12-07, 16:12

Originally Posted by billybobsky View Post
I am not such a fan of photoshopped pictures.
I agree for the most part, though I have to qualify this with all images should have basic level adjustments made in post processing. Color and White Balance correcting is all I really do, other than an occasional crop or horizon adjustment.

Originally Posted by Ebby
Uh, and a good morning to you too...
Disturbing in a way.
This was a project I had to come up with an unusual angle shot. Rather than laying on the ground to take a picture I took it to be seeing an angle you don't normally see. It was kinda interesting taking that shot too. I wasn't freaked out at all. I kept reaching around and adjusting the gun so it would point better into the camera.

Steve, I like the second shot more than the first. The first shot does seem to have too unnatural of color to it and the reflection in the left is hard to get past. It distracts me from the beautiful patterns made by the fish. The second one is far more peaceful and better balanced. While you can't change it, the trees on the far right are a little distracting to me.

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