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2006-12-08, 16:52

Originally Posted by turtle2472 View Post
I had to go out and within 1 1/2 hour take a documentary photo. I couldn't caption the photo or even give an explanation surrounding the photo. In other words the image had to stand on it's own. So here is the image. I would REALLY like some feedback on this one since I'm moving into the photojournalism route myself. Don't know if I'll make it my "profession" or not, but I would love to improve all my photographic skills. I did after all change my major to Photography.
I'd be interested to seeing a set of pictures to go with this. Can you provide a link maybe? Just going out for such a short time to look for a subject sounds hard. What did your peers come up with?

A lot of the pictures I took while travelling I now find lacking because they don't complete a story. This is why I've been trying to do things like shooting that ballet story.

The other thing I learned about photojournalism is appreciating how close the photographer can get to its subjects without disturbing the scene and being intrusive. Taking a picture point-blank really gives an intimate feeling as if one were there. That too is what I tried to do with the ballet story.

Tomorrow I am going to take pictures at a $20,000 birthday party of this really preppy white girl who's turning 21. I'm pretty sure everyone at the event will be rich, white and preppy, and Greek (of the sorority/fraternity type). As an international student, this sort of thing fascinates me.