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2014-06-20, 14:14

Originally Posted by torifile View Post
That's awesome. How do you like the 50-200?
With recent firmware updates, autofocus improved a bit. I didn't shoot much action yet (apart from the eurasian coot shot), so I'm still on the bottom of the learning curve regarding action photography with the E-M1 and 50-200, and it won't beat the D700 / 70-200 combo. On the other hand the bigger zoom range is well appreciated and the lens is really sharp. Bokeh can sometimes be a bit harsh, but this depends on the background distance and structure. I also got bad bokeh shots from the 70-200 sometimes. So I'd say it is a bit worse, but no deal breaker.

Although it feels quite big and heavy compared to my other lenses, the weight is just 2/3 of the 70-200 (and 1/3 of my old 400/3.5), so it is a perfect lens for going to the zoo etc. Previously, I carried 4.5kg of lenses, 1kg camera, 2.5 kg tripod, now I have lens then 2kg for camera with batterypack and lens to carry...

I still have no regrets switching to m43.

BTW: As this is the picture thread, I'll add another shot with the 50-200:

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