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2014-06-23, 21:42

One more question about your stream shot, Rob, if you don't mind. I notice that you're using the wide end of your lens. I'm sure you've got other lenses that can shoot 24mm at f/2.8. Why did you choose that particular lens? The reason I ask is that I have a hard time deciding which lens to use when I have 2 lenses that cover a particular focal length and aperture. For instance, I've got a 17mm prime f/1.8 and a 12-40 f/2.8. In low light, it's not a question - the prime is the easy answer. But outside, when I don't need to stop down so far, I have a tough time deciding.

Optically, they seem the same in the 17mm range. At that point is it a matter of convenience? Yesterday, I was shooting at the park and I forced myself to go with the primes (17 or 45) so that I wouldn't get lazy and just zoom. But did I just make it harder than it needed to be? I figured I could focus on the shot and not futz with the zooming going with the 17mm. Thoughts from my more seasoned photog friends?

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