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2014-06-24, 09:51

Originally Posted by Chinney View Post
Nice pics all around. I especially like, on this page, those beach shots by Torifile and the long exposure stream shot by PB. I like the mood especially of that first beach pic. Slow exposure water shots I have seen before, and done before, and they can be a nice although known thing, but there is something different and ethereal about that one PB. I appreciate all the work you put into getting it just right.
Thanks. That fishing shot was completely lucky. I was really frustrated by the light that morning because it was so hazy. But the haze does wonders for the photo. I wish that bucket weren't on the left side of the photo but it is what it is. I don't know anything about the fishermen - I suspect they were father and son on an outing to the beach since it is a family beach and it was father's day week. I think I'm going to print that one out and put it up in my office. I won't say I took it and just see how people like it. I like it a lot.

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