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2016-04-28, 12:49

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Would you be so kind as to provide me with a quote of me ever once saying Apple Watch is an incredible product?

What I said is that the people I have spoke to in person have absolutely raved about it!
yet you felt confident enough to dispute my own personal take on it from my experience... so it seemed to me like based on your polling data you were at the very least suggesting it was a compelling product and that i was wrong with my assessment.

It sounds to me like the only person you talk to for feedback on the Apple Watch is Jim Dalrymple. Even John Gruber has been slamming it lately.

Not sure about "crappy product". I have met several people who own them and I have yet to hear words anywhere near that used as descriptors. What I hear is "awesome", "life altering", "amazing", "super cool" and etc. I have yet to hear a negative, face-to-face comment. I have no use for them, but the people I have met that actually own one have it on their wrist all the time and praise it continuously.


So, here's a question: What incredible new technology exists out there that Apple just absolutely needs to build into their products to make them compelling (I'm talking hardware, not software)?
It's not about incredible new technology. It's about innovation and simplifying existing and new technologies to create new and better ways of doing things. It's about pushing forward with both software and hardware innovation. Apple has never been successful being first to market with anything. But they have been successful with making things work the way they should work.... the way you imagine them working. They have never been about feature creep and what the market is demanding.

I do think the bean counters have gotten a hold of Apple since Steve's passing and i think that shows in their products and decision making process. The environmental initiatives may be noble and considered contrary to that statement but it's chump change and in a cynical way its just another sign of Apple worrying more about image and public policy relations than caring about producing the best products in the world.