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2016-05-07, 10:43

iTunes and Photos are both hot messes. iTunes because it keeps adding more crap, and Photos because it took all the crap away.

With these two pieces of software, Apple needs to do some things:


- Bring back iPhoto. Yep, that should be enough


- Apple Music should be its own app
- Device management should be its own app (including all elements of device syncing)
- Videos and TV should be stripped out to their own Videos app
- iTunes should be a CD-ripper and catalogue for *ahem* music!

iSync should come back and be a device syncing tool. Plug a sync-able device in and a window should pop up showing all your synced devices, with the one you just plugged in highlighted. Click the device and a little prompt asks what you want to do: Sync with iPhoto, sync with iTunes, sync with Calendars, sync with Contacts. Whatever. You could even click a device not plugged in and tell iSync what you want to do next time the device is connected. Future Sync™!

Apple will not do this. Because.

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