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2016-11-16, 20:41

Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
Apple's future is murky, but if you're constantly complaining about how Apple isn't stuffing marginal Intel CPU updates into new desktops annually, then you're pretty much looking backward and not forward. It's like this entire forum is 10 years behind in some ways. Still complaining about PC hardware. Heh. You should be more worried that Apple has failed its autonomous car initiative. You should be pissed that Apple has failed to negotiate the big networks/cablecos (they're the same thing at this point.) You should be annoyed Apple (or anyone else) hasn't figured out touch on the desktop.
Maybe some of us don't give a crap about an Apple car, or automated cars in general for that matter, and cable company deals? What is this 2005? Who still gets cable? As for cars, if Apple designed a car it would most likely be too thin for anyone who weighted over 100 pounds anyway. Frankly I want less automatic crap in my car, I enjoy driving and have no desire not for it to change into some kind of computer entertainment system with big ass screens and useless crap.

Considering that Apple charges top dollar for what they sell, they darn well better have the best, latest and greatest guts out in their machines. As others have said, if Apple wants to ax the Mac, just do it already and stop leaving us hanging.